About Us

Studio Sessions

Personal training in Steiner Ranch with Fitregimen generates a diverse training experience while simultaneously strengthening and conditioning your body. Enhance your cardio through the application of high-intensity interval training  and circuits. Fitregimen provides an intense and eclectic combination of weights, plyometrics, resistance, and stability training methods to help certify that no two workouts are alike.

In Home and Outdoor Training

  Let’s be honest, sometimes getting up and trudging over to the gym can be the most challenging obstacle of all. Well, thanks to Fitregimen's Austin in home training packages, finding a babysitter or driving to and from the gym will no longer be a built-in hindrance. Fitregimen circumvents such complications by coming directly to your home, office or onsite gym. We can even take your training outdoors! Sessions will include stretching, aerobic exercises, plyometric, resistance, HIIT, core, strength and stability training with Fitregimen providing any and all fitness equipment necessary.

Group and Remote Training

From small groups to corporate groups, Fitregimen has you covered with our group training packages. Exercise alongside your kids to make fitness a true family experience. Frequent travel and distance can make staying on top of your fitness challenging. Fitregimen will make things simple for you with our personalized remote training packages.